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Reflecting on the 2009 Cognitive Edge accreditation course

Last week Monday through Wednesday we hosted the 2009 Cognitive Edge Accreditation course in Sunninghil. Steve Bealing, CEO ofCognitive Edge came over from Singapore to present the session. It was his first time in South Africa, and he was probably exhausted after a visit to the De Wildt Cheetah breeding project, watching the Conferation Cup semi-final at Ellis Park and rounding off his visit with a weekend in the African bush. The course was a resounding success, with an eclectic mix of attendees from a [...]

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Dave Snowden @ the CSIR on 19 August

Dave Snowden is in the country early in August and will be giving a public talk for the Pretoria chapter of the KM Practitioner Forum at the CSIR on the 19th.  I've attached the invite for your convenience The topic is "How to make KM strategic to your organisation".  Dave's talks are always challenging and entertaining. Seats are limited and registrations are coming in quickly, so make sure you register soon to ensure your spot.  I hope to see you there! Attachment [...]

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SCRUM training 29 & 30 July 2009

Our friends at Kaizania are hosting a SCRUM trainingcourse at the end of this month, and for those who don't know, it has nothing to do with rugby! We've long been interested in the SCRUM methodology, an AGILE approach to project management.  It has a solid foundation in complexity and makes use of narrative techniques to ensure effective communication and delivery, especially on complex projects where the end goal is not narrowly defined. It is most often used in the software development space, but we [...]

Have your answers questioned

This blog entry onOpen Forum got me thinking.  Specifically this paragraph: "Find some truth tellers. The first thing every CEO must realize is that everyone is lying to him (her too). It just happens. They didn’t coin the phrase “shoot the messenger” for no reason. There are many wonderful organizations out there for CEOs that provide truth-telling services. Vistage is an international group whose tag line is something like “Have your answers questioned.” It’s pretty clear that their ideal customer is the CEO who [...]