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The inherent complexity of dealing with human beings

I came across an excerpt from a book by Dr Kevin Leman called What your childhood memories say about you. He tells some funny stories of his own childhood, mostly to make a case that if you examine your collection of childhood memories, you'll discover themes that reveal what he calls your private logic, a term coined by psychologist Alfred Adler. We always seem to have to convince decision makers that any human system is inherently complex and unpredictable. Private logic or personal bias [...]


I was sitting on the plane back from Australia a little while back and in searching through the in-flight entertainment, a documentary caught my eye: Roger Federer, with the tagline, "Follow the Great Swiss champion from racket-throwing tennis brat to the perfectly composed world number one". With excitement, I hoped this documentary would uncover some of the reasons why Federer shifted in his temperament so significantly. Sadly, it was just another documentary - retracing the history of his winnings, with nice interviews [...]

Pulling together our network

Wow! What a (almost) year it's been! Our business has grown and we've had the privelage of working on some really exciting projects. We've also worked with, talked to, had coffee with, bumped into or wanted to work with some really interesting people in this space. We've decided that the time has now come for us to pull all these connections together so that we can explore how we can carry on in our relationship, or start working together. To [...]

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Butch and Sundance

In a recent Time magazine,Robert Redford reflects on his friendship with the late Paul Newman. He describes how they worked together and became friends in the tough movie industry. The pieceends with the following story, which I think perfectly illustrates how a story can convey so much more than facts. It gives us insight into the friendship and even the character of the two men, probably aspects that they would not be able to articulate when asked directly. "We played lots of pranks on [...]

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