Aiden CholesAiden Choles
Managing Director

Aiden qualified as a narrative therapist in 2005 and has since then focused
on translating narrative work into the realm of teams and organisations. He heads up the overall strategic direction and operations of the company.

Aiden is also a StrengthsFinder Coach and a WorldsView accredited
Advanced OD Practitioner.
Strengths: Harmony, Input, Deliberative, Restorative, Adaptability
Qualifications: BA(Hons), MTh


Natasha Govender
Consulting Researcher

Natasha draws on her training and consulting background to orchestrate our projects. Having cut her teeth in a banking environment, she then deepened her experience in a large consulting house before joining The Narrative Lab where she has become a jack of all trades in our broad offering portfolio.

Strengths: Adaptability, Competition, Self-Assurance, Maximizer, Achiever
Qualifications: Bcomm


Yolanda MitchellYolanda Mitchell

Yolanda is the co-owner of Ubora Research Solutions, an interdisciplinary research company that enables and enhances decision-making resulting in economical, environmental, social and cultural transformation. Yolanda has extensive research experience and she has a thorough knowledge of all components of the research process, from planning to publication. Yolanda assists us on a part-time basis with ensuring that our research design, analysis and interpretation of results fulfils the needs of our clients.



Natasha HardyNatasha Hardy

Natasha has worked with companies in a wide variety of industries in communications, team dynamics and culture development. She is fascinated by the interconnectivity of people in organisations and how people can be encouraged and inspired to move companies forward.
Natasha supports us on Participative Narrative Inquiry (PNI) projects

Strengths: Interconnectivity, Strategy, Idea Generation
Qualifications: BComm (Hons) Communication Management.



Garth BarnesGarth Barnes

Garth has a multi-disciplinary background as a result of years spent in the advertising, marketing and environmental sectors. His experience working with conservation and environmental education in the fields of water and biodiversity triggered a journey into academia to better understand social change and pro-environmental stewardship behaviour.  

Strengths: Resourcer, Integrator, Analysis, Initiator
Qualifications: Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (IMM); BA (Environmental Management); Masters (Environmental Education)