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Exit Interview Stats: Asking the right question

If I were a senior executive who had to look at figures and statistics on why people are leaving my company, I would pull my hair out (maybe this is why I'm not a senior executive ... I still have too much hair). Not because people are perhaps leaving in their droves, but because the figures are actually so meaningless. What does it really mean if the staff turnover rate is 15%? Then, you get the superficial reasons stuck to [...]

Dynamic Culture Audits

Here's my argument: we need to move from methods of measuring organisation culture that are static, towards methods that allow for dynamic assessment. This argument comes out of experiences where static approaches have failed to provide relevant information during the life-cycle of a change management project. When embarking on an organisatinal intervention project, one can normally anticipate the inclusion of a "discovery" phase as the first of the project. This is where an "as-is" assessment/audit of ­the context in which [...]