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Great research quote

In Gerald Zaltman's new book,Marketing Metaphoria he writes: "There are no easy solutions, just prescriptions for failure: When an answer immediately emerges from the data, the researchers probably rigged it into the study.  That is, their confirmatory research mind-set unwittingly designed the study to arrive at the apparent solution.  Beware of obvious conclusions." This is why we are such strong proponents of pre-hypothesis research.

The inherent complexity of dealing with human beings

I came across an excerpt from a book by Dr Kevin Leman called What your childhood memories say about you. He tells some funny stories of his own childhood, mostly to make a case that if you examine your collection of childhood memories, you'll discover themes that reveal what he calls your private logic, a term coined by psychologist Alfred Adler. We always seem to have to convince decision makers that any human system is inherently complex and unpredictable. Private logic or personal bias [...]