The issue of humanity is recieving a lot of our attention. On the back of our thought piece on humanity, we’ve initiated a mini narrative survey on the issue of humanity in the workplace.

We’ve gathered a considerable number of experiences of dehumanisation in the workplace through stories in our previous narrative capture projects, none of our projects have been specifically focused on humanity itself.

We’re keen to get a sense of the level of humanity in organisations currently, so we’ve decided to conduct an internal research project on this topic using a survey we’ve developed. We assure you of complete anonymity as all names and references will be removed when sharing any results. We encourage you to invite friends and colleagues to complete the survey as well. The survey will be open from today until 1 October 2012.

If you would be interested in hearing the results of the survey, please either contact us or use the email address field at the end of the survey.

Please click here to take part in our survey.