During the research I was doing within the industry of knowledge management, I came across a privately held consulting company; The Narrative Lab, a company which through the use of narrative, surfaces and influences the mindsets, perceptions and belief systems that govern the patterns of behavior in a team and an organization. I got fascinated by their approach, explored more of what they do by going through the company profile. An interest aroused within me on the company and I wished to start my career in the company.

What aroused my interest in TNL was their core framework that guided their work, firstly the use of Narrative as a tool in their approach. I was able to align my understanding with how they would use conversations as a tool because of my background in knowledge management, where I understood that conversations would be encouraged within an organization to develop a knowledge sharing culture and enable the sharing of tacit knowledge enhancing collaborative intelligence. I was curious to know how the narrative approach would work in an organization development context.

Secondly complexity thinking, I read a few publications on complexity theories and systems thinking in my corporate communications course. I had also read various publications on complexity by Bernard Burnes and Dennis Sherwood. Somehow there was something in my head that always seemed to convince me that these theories are just a more softer and humanitarian approach to management, and that traditional managerial models will always prevail. Finding a company that actually had the method as their core operation framework made me interested on exploring their overall approach.

On the 12th of April 2011, I drafted an introductory email to Aiden Choles, co-founder and director of the Narrative Lab. On the email I stated my interest on the work they do, and enquired about any opportunities they could possibly offer. Two months later, I then received a response from Aiden, arranging for us to meet and after a successful meeting and chat with both Aiden and Sonja, I was then welcomed at Narrative Lab as a team member.