DifferentWe all know people like this … “they refuse to speak-up or pitch-in when ideas are developed, are unable or unwilling to go to key meetings, and generally don’t have the will, time, or inclination to help their colleagues, but then repeatedly shoot-down the decisions that are made, refuse to help implement them, and bad mouth their more hardworking colleagues”

One of the best examples is someone who refuses to vote and then bemoans the outcome of the election and the state of the nation!

Bob Sutton has issued a challenge on his blog to find a creative name for such people, preferably short and punchy, not long hyphenated word combinations.  We all know than language is important, and it may be an intervention in itself to give organisations a term for such behavior.

Ideas so far include Sour Grapers; Submarines; Peeksneakandstab (see more in thecomment section of Bob’s blog)

Let’s see what the TNL readers can come up with!