Press release: SIMONSAYS wins TNL PR campaigns

SIMONSAYS communications signs research and organisational development consultancy Friday, 02 November, 2012 Niche organisational development and research consultancy, The Narrative Lab (TNL), has appointed SIMONSAYS communications to handle its ongoing public relations requirements. Based in Johannesburg, TNL offers tailor made solutions that equip leaders with the tools to understand the dynamics and problems experienced by their organisations, while also arming management with techniques to educate, motivate and shift mindsets so that sustainable change can take place. Using business narrative (or [...]

Explaining away the complexity

Engaging with a complex phenomenon is quite challenging experience. It is even more challenging for leaders and managers who are required to do something about these problems. Markets, shareholders and employees look to leaders for guidance and sound decision-making in navigating complexity. It is because of this that leaders need to keep their wits about them. Being aware of the emotional and psychological responses one has to a complex problem is a critical leadership capability. One of the common responses [...]

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Making Sense of Complexity: Joburg & Cape Town Accreditation

We are proud to announce the arrangements for hosting back-to-back Cognitive Edge Accreditation courses in 2012. After the sold-out inaugural Cape Town course in 2011, in partnership with theUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School, we will be back in Bellville from 28th to 30th March 2012. Thereafter we will be in Johannesburg from 2nd to 4th April 2012. Steve Bealing, CEO of Cognitive Edge, will again be joining us from Singapore to facilitate the accreditation. Spaces are limited to 24 only, so be sure [...]

Work and meaning

I'm busy reading The Upside of Irrationality by Dan Ariely (and really enjoying it).  In one of the chapters he reflects on work and meaning.  Can human beings find satisfaction and be engaged in work that pays well, but offers no meaning? He unpacks two "types" of meaning: "m"eaning - a feeling of being challenged by whatever our work is, and completing it to our own satisfaction vs "M"eaning - a hope that someone else, potentially a significant someone, will find value [...]

Traffic regulation: self-organisation vs control

Navigating the traffic here in SA can be quite a complex affair (as I'm sure is true in most other countries).  Traffic authorities make extensive use of traffic lights and other control mechanisms to regulate traffic, especially in urban areas.  I came across this interesing video the other day, about how allowing for self-regulation on busy roads often leads to less congestion and paradoxically, less road accidents.  I'm not sure if this will work in South Africa, but it certainly [...]

The power of African Fractals

We often laugh at the perceptions people have of Africa and her people, like the one that we still have wild animals roaming the streets of Johannesburg.  Hopefully the thousands of visitors that came to South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup will dispell that myth once and for all.  Another persistant (and more worrying) perception seems to be that African culture and intelligence is inferior to those of Western nations.  Most people still think that the various Europian [...]

Incentives – why they almost never work

In most organisations we engage with, the first thing that is considered whenever a behaviour change is required is an incentive scheme.  If we need better customer experience ratings, let's incentivise the front-line staff; if we need people to share knowledge, let's link that behaviour to their KPA's; and so on, and so on. The problem is that incentives almost never have the desired impact, in fact, often quite the opposite.  We often refer to Goodhart's Law: When a measure becomes [...]

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Dave Snowden @ the CSIR on 19 August

Dave Snowden is in the country early in August and will be giving a public talk for the Pretoria chapter of the KM Practitioner Forum at the CSIR on the 19th.  I've attached the invite for your convenience The topic is "How to make KM strategic to your organisation".  Dave's talks are always challenging and entertaining. Seats are limited and registrations are coming in quickly, so make sure you register soon to ensure your spot.  I hope to see you there! Attachment [...]

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“I’ll go down, I’m not scared to die …”

Give me a chance to go down today, I'll do it!  I'm desperate to get out of this poverty. I'm not scared to die or get arrested because even the police are involved in this. I don't blame zama-zamas; in fact I'm encouraged by their initiative." These are the words of a 18 year old jobless hostel resident in Welkom, South Africa.  These words are especially disturbing after  a week where at least 76 illegal miners (zama-zama's or chance-takers) have died [...]

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