The Narrative Lab in collaboration with World’s View Academy will be hosting a live TweetChat on an article written by Aiden Choles, founder of The Narrative Lab, on Overcoming Perplexity – Frames of Mind Required for Engaging with Complexity.

In the lead up to Dave Snowden‘s visit to South Africa in October, the good folk at World’s View Academy asked Aiden Choles to write about this topic and to present it at their Organisation Development Cafe on 21st August.

Who should be joining in the discussion?

This is a call to all leaders, practitioners and interested individuals around Leadership, Complexity and Organisation Development to join us for an invigorating discussion.

Discussion topics in the session:

  • How do you react when you encounter complex contexts in your role as a leader?
  • How effective is your organisation at navigating complex situations?
  • Does complexity energise or paralyse you?
  • How willing is your organisation to explore different paradigms/methodologies?
  • How is experimentation and creative thinking encouraged in your organisation?

When should you be joining us?
21st August, 8:30am-10:30am CAT

How do you participate in a Tweetchat?
Very Important: Participants need a Twitter Account
Step 1) Follow @Narrativelab and/or @WorldsV on Twitter and then,
Step 2) Join in the conversations by responding to the tweets

IMPORTANT: Make sure to end your response with the Hashtag #Leadership&Complexity

Alternatively (If you prefer just watching the discussion)

Step 1) Follow @Narrativelab and/or @WorldsV on Twitter and then,
Step 2) Click your “Discovery” tab or the magnifying glass on your tabs and then type “#Leadership&Complexity” to follow the conversations hosted by @NarrativeLab & @WorldsV

We cannot wait to engage with you!

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