As of this month, we are a whopping 1 year old!

It was about this time last year that myself, Sonja and Raymond sat down together, read an email from a potential client, looked at each other and asked, “So, should we put a proposal together for him?”

Now, a year later, how have things developed or changed?

180px-Harrison's_Chronometer_H5Well, for starters, I’m pretty glad we didn’t go with our original name for this company. Don’t ask me why, but we somehow got stuck on the name “H-6”. It has somehting to do with the five clocks John Harrison developed in the race to solve the problem of longitude, but let me stop there …

Next in line is the fact that we’re still in business. We have survived those arduous statistics people often quote, stuff like, “78% of startups fail in their first year”.Yeehah, we’re in the “other” 12% and plan on being around for a long time.

The most significant change has been a recent development, that of Raymond leaving the TNL stable. It has been a difficult process realising that while we want to work together and strive to maintain solid friendships, running a business together is another story. And so, Raymond is now reinvigorating his consultancy, Urban Canyon (and you can see his fresh new site) where we’ll no doubt cross paths often.

In terms of the type of work we’ve done thus far, we’ve traversed projects that look at developing strategies for dealing with complex problems such as Water Management at Anglo American; we’ve developed a Change Story to augment the current Turn Around Programme at the Department of Home Affairs; we’ve developed a close partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers and will be delving into a television series or two using narrative research.

So, watch this space for TNL 2.0 …