PSG-ZH0001-1We attended an interesting public workshop on Mine Health and Safety today.  One of the speakers said the following:  Zero harm should be a value, not a slogan.

This made me wonder,  how many supposed “values” are nothing more than slogans? … We often find that people (especially leaders) pay lip service to the latest hot topic by coming up with a catchy phrase, but there’s no real substance or commitment behind it.

A case in point is the seemingly overwelming disinterest in health issues in mines.  At the moment mine safety seems to be the hot topic, mostly because if companies don’t comply they are increasingly coming under fire.  Safety incidents, however, casuse much fewer deaths than diseases such as TB, Aids, Asbestosis etc, but it gets very little attention.  So, is Zero harm just a slogan?  I guess time will tell.