As I’ve been going through my preparations for presenting the narrative component of the Cognitive Edge accreditation course with the Singapore Civil Service Agency, the difference between developing and developed nation governments has me wondering about who has the luxury to effectively address complex problems?

Typically a developing nation has to deal with all the issues associated with development i.e. service delivery, effeciency and governance AS WELL AS the unpredictable complex challenges that surface, such as the global economic meltdown in 2008.

And so, the luxury of government maturity is that you can then apportion energy, resources and budget to addressing whatever complex issues arise. Developing nations do not have this luxury. No. Instead, they face a conglomeration of development issues as well as the complex issues developed nations encounter, especially if the challenge is global.

This makes me wonder about the South African government. How does it strive to become a developed nation without being held ransom to the wave tossing complex challenges that evade direct management?