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The Facilitation Of Knowledge Transfer In Organisations

Knowledge transfer within organisations has always been a prominent topic in our current knowledge economy. Many leaders, practitioners and employees in different industries seem to have their own angle of understanding and interpretation on this particular issue. But I can say with no doubt that most organisations have centered their Knowledge Management practices only on technology and they are relying on tools such as portals and other automated systems as the core of their Knowledge Management processes and solutions. There’s [...]

Emergent insights on the issue of Business Continuity from the Flourish Conference

Aiden and I went into the Flourish Conference with the aim to explore what we perceived as a growing organisational challenge, Business Continuity. Reported in the narrative captures we’ve ran in various organisations is of how the efforts to improve an organisation seem to be introducing a new challenge to effectiveness: eroding business continuity. The need to secure business or operational continuity in the midst of concurrent changes emerged as a key challenge. Flourish accepted our proposal to conduct a [...]

The Wisdom and Skills Challenge – a conference

We'll be presenting on Wisdom Continuity at the upcoming Refirement Conference on 11th June. Along with Lynda from the Refirement Network, we've been developing a narrative-based approach at capturing and transferring that special, unique Wisdom that Baby Boomers have. This conference is a must if you experiencing a loss of information and wisdom as people exit your company. DATE: 11th June PLACE: Bryanston Country Club TIME: 08h30 to 12h00 PRICE: R250 per person The brochure is also attached below. Attachment Size [...]