Sales pitch

On the weekend Mike Stopforth asked the Twitter community to share what their sales pitches were, in 140 characters or less. Novel idea in line with the whole elevator pitch meme. Well, here's what my response was: R u aware of the stories told by ur staff & consumers abt ur Co or brand? I'll help u gather & harness them for better decision making. See some of the other pitch's here.

The conversation that’s happening, right now, in your organisation?

I've recently begun an experiment ... I've joined Twitter. Some have admonished me for being so late in joining the party, and others have responded with a quizzical look that says "is this the thing that geeks do?" A week into it and I have found it to be quite a natural extension to the status updates I do on Facebook, but with an edge. Twitter interests me because of the unstructured way in which people can broadcast thoughts, activities, links [...]