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Emergent insights on the issue of Business Continuity from the Flourish Conference

Aiden and I went into the Flourish Conference with the aim to explore what we perceived as a growing organisational challenge, Business Continuity. Reported in the narrative captures we’ve ran in various organisations is of how the efforts to improve an organisation seem to be introducing a new challenge to effectiveness: eroding business continuity. The need to secure business or operational continuity in the midst of concurrent changes emerged as a key challenge. Flourish accepted our proposal to conduct a [...]

The Narrative Lab (@WContinuity) TweetChat on “Ineffective Knowledge Transfer” (#WisCont)

What is the TNL Tweetchat about?
 Twice a month, The Narrative Lab hosts what is called a TweetChat, a fun, engaging way to collaborate and discuss a variety of topics using Twitter. Our upcoming topic is "How does ineffective Knowledge Transfer hinder business continuity?" 
Who should be joining in the discussion?
 This is a call to all leaders, practitioners and interested individuals around Knowledge and Narrative to join us for an invigorating discussion. When should you be joining us? 17th [...]