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Once breakfast is over

What do you get when you pull together a former meteorologist, anenigmatic maven and a former narrative therapistAnswer:The Narrative Lab and pretty informative breakfast conversation oncomplexity in the business landscape.

In an amazingly short amount of time we managed to showcase our keynote on complexity (The New Simplicity), listen to a customised podcast from Prof. Dave Snowden on the Cynefin framework, hear how our methods are applied in practice and to talk briefly about the SenseMaker software we use when working with mass narrative capture.

Thanks to all our friends, partners, potential par­tners, clients and client-hopefulsfor coming along to our first breakfast conversation on Friday. For those that could not make it, we’re sad – but there will be a next time.

As promised, we have uploaded Dave’s podcast which you can download here(right click + save as – 8MB) and his accompanying slideshow here (right click + save as – 3MB).

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