One of the projects we’re currently working on aims to measure the impact of school leadership development programmes.  The concept of principalship is quite interesting.  Many people think that schools have much to learn from business, especially in the realm of leadership.  I have some reservations about comparing school principals to CEO’s, as I think there’s a major difference in motivation between these two types of leaders.  I can see however, that the management skills required are similar.

At the moment we’re developing a set of signifiers that will be used as the impact measurement framework.  One of the key measures is around appropriate leadership styles, largely based on the Cynefin framework.  So, after spending most of last week immersed in literature about leadership and thrashing out appropriate measures, I found this cartoon very timely.  I’m sure most of us recognise one or more of the leadership behaviours Tom Fishburne parodies so brilliantly.  (I wish we could use it as part of our signifier set!)

8 Leadership styles