This image (from Dave’s recent post on the Liverpool Slavery Museum) highlights the interplay between a dominant and alternative story, and how an alternative story can be freeing. What do I mean?

Well, my background lies in narrative therapy – a new wave in the psychology domain that takes a narrative perspective on a persons problems and life. In essence, the way we speak about ourselves and our problems creates the reality we live in. If words are so important, then the way we articulate our Story and the problems we face is vital.

One of my fundamental beliefs about people is that we live at the intersection of two types of personal story: the dominant story and the alternative story … the dominant story is, well, the dominant version and perspective on our reality. This is often infused with problems. The subjugated story is one that holds an alternative perspective on our reality that, for some reason, has been thwarted by the power of the dominant story. The domain of the alternative story is the realm of human possibility and freedom – if only we could learn to free our alternative stories about ourselves we could achieve so much more as humans.

Ok, enough of the quasi-motivational speaker slash psycho-bent. If you want to see the interplay of the dominant and alternative story at play, check out the rest of these images used by the Slavery Museum –  they represent the freeing of an alternative story in response to an unhelpful dominant story of slavery.

Powerful stuff.