The state of rampant change in our organisations limits the ability to establish efficient business continuity – Aiden Choles

Our organisations are operating in the midst of concurrent change. In this case we are referring more to internal changes that are constantly occurring within organizations, changes such as new employees expanding our teams, stuff turnovers, shifts in management and also mergers between companies. These changes have become common in the business environment but yet remain a hiccup to most of our organisations hindering efficient business continuity.

In our interactions with various large organisations, we have sensed common concerns with regards to the ability of establishing efficient business continuity within the organisation. Concerns such as; How do we establish continuity when new staff join the organisation? How do we ensure that the retirement or resignation of experienced employees doesn’t leave knowledge gaps in the organisation? And of course, the most common concern amongst senior leaders is “how do we pass on the baton and ensure that our succession plans complements efficient business continuity?”

Knowledge transfer is one of the common issues under the umbrella concept of continuity that most organisations are struggling with. Traditional induction and succession plans are hindered by their inability to encompass efficient knowledge transfer mechanisms. The entrance of fresh inexperienced employees is a pain to most leaders in various organisations as they do not have the means to quickly up-skill these employees and by doing so, sustain the organisation’s competitiveness. Occurring in parallel with the entrance of inexperienced employees is the exiting of experienced employees who can also be seen as the “experts” in the organisation. These exiting “experts” usually leave without having had been provided with any mechanism to capture, store and share the knowledge that they have acquired over their years of experience. The exiting of these experts then leaves knowledge gaps in the organisation, hindering efficient business continuity.

The Narrative Lab has been assisting organisations deal with the above concerns through Wisdom Continuity – a narrative-based offering that helps individuals, teams and organisations harness their knowledge and co-creates novel and engaging ways of transferring that knowledge through the power of stories and conversation.


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