When a mechanic walks up to an aircraft with a toolbox, nothing on the aircraft changes. However, when there’s an announcement of impending retrenchments, everything changes in the organisation.

This is an example of the nature of complex adaptive systems thatDave will often quote when speaking of complexity.

I’ve been struck over the last 60 hours since the ANC decided to recall President Thabo Mbeki, how a mechanic has walked up to the airplane known as South Africa, and very little has changed. I would have anticipated joyous rioting from the anti-Mbeki quarters at the very least. The history of Africa since independence is littered with bloodshed, coupes and strife in such similar situations.  For the most part, the response has ranged from mild surprise to total apathy.We’ve just managed to fire our president people.

This lack of visible “chaotic” response could be as a result of South African’s having seen Mbeki’s demise coming for a long time already, or maybe some other reason?