Decision-making the Peter Drucker way

Peter Drucker is probably one of the greatest thinkers in management sciences over the last century.  I don't know if he ever explicitly wrote or spoke about complexity, but the man obviously "got it".  Consider what he wrote about "fact-based" decision making. "Most books on decision-making tell the reader: First find the facts. But executives who make effective decisions know that one does not start with facts. One starts with opinions...The understanding that underlies the right decision grows out of [...]

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The Narrative Lab presents: Wisdom Continuity “Developing a strategy for the ageing workforce” #WisCont @WContinuity

What is the TNL Tweetchat about?
 Twice a month, The Narrative Lab hosts what is called a TweetChat, a fun, engaging way to collaborate and discuss a variety of topics using Twitter. Our upcoming topic is based on a recent blog post by our very own, David Sebe on "Developing a strategy for the ageing workforce." 
 Who should be joining in the discussion?
 This is a call to all leaders, managers, practitioners and interested individuals around Knowledge and Narrative [...]

Change, the Jamie Oliver way (Part 2)

As Jamie entrenched himself in the community of Huntington, it became clear how big and complex the task ahead of him really was.  The divide between the knowledge he wanted to impart to the community, and the level they were at at that time, were miles apart.  How do you educate a community about healthy eating habits if first graders couldn't identify a tomato (they insisted it was a potato) and many others (adults and children) did not know how to [...]

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Narrative survey: Humanity in the Workplace

The issue of humanity is recieving a lot of our attention. On the back of our thought piece on humanity, we've initiated a mini narrative survey on the issue of humanity in the workplace. We've gathered a considerable number of experiences of dehumanisation in the workplace through stories in our previous narrative capture projects, none of our projects have been specifically focused on humanity itself. We're keen to get a sense of the level of humanity in organisations currently, so we've [...]

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Business trend: Reclaiming humanity in the workplace

If you turn your ear to the organisational and business 'winds' and try to discern its whispers you will begin to hear a new sound; a call to restore humanity in the workplace. You can see this manifesting in business literature through the promotion of ideas such as happiness in the workplace and building strength-based cultures. More and more authors are also writing about the crucial role of meaning and purpose in work in employee engagement. This increasing swell is [...]

Safety base metaphor elicitation – lessons in emergence

The entire Narrative Lab team, including a few others, has just arrived home after facilitating a metaphor elicitation process in Cape Town for a power utility company. It was a first time for us on a few counts. Firstly, it was the first time we were running large group facilitation techniques with 400 people in each session. Secondly, it was a first working with so many people in just 45 minutes (there were four sessions), and thirdly, it was the [...]

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Conversational Leadership – Thinking Together For A Change

As a fresh Information & Knowledge Management graduate entering the world of narratives and complexity, my understanding of conversations, or rather conversational leadership, within organizations was within a knowledge management framework. This is where managers would implement and encourage a communication channel between employees, both in various levels to set a knowledge-sharing platform, and benefit from collaborative intelligence. I had never assessed the value of a conversation on its own, but rather communication as a whole. I never went further [...]

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Change, the Jamie Oliver way (Part 1)

I love Jamie Oliver - he's by far my favorite celebrity chef.  Every since I first saw him stuff a leg of lamb, I knew he was my 'culinary muse'.  Over the last few years, he's been on a mission to change the eating habits of various communities, including schools in the UK and US. In 2009, he decided to tackle Huntington, a city that had received the dubious honour of being named the unhealthiest city in the United States [...]

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Joining The Narrative Lab

During the research I was doing within the industry of knowledge management, I came across a privately held consulting company; The Narrative Lab, a company which through the use of narrative, surfaces and influences the mindsets, perceptions and belief systems that govern the patterns of behavior in a team and an organization. I got fascinated by their approach, explored more of what they do by going through the company profile. An interest aroused within me on the company and I [...]

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Journey towards joining TNL

The previous year, heading towards completion of my bachelors’ degree, did not only bring a certain levels of excitement, but it also triggered great concern on how I would ignite my career. Looking at the difficulty that thousands of new graduates face on getting their first experience and the overall unemployment rate within the country made me realize the intensity of a situation that lay ahead me. I kept on repeating the same question in my mind; “What is it [...]

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