Dan Pink on Candle Problems and Incentives

One of the problems we most often encounter in businesses is the unintended consequences caused by incentives and performance measures. This TED talk by Dan Pink makes a compelling case against using extrinsic motivators as incentives. Dan is an entertaining speaker who really knows how to use narrative to get his point across. Enjoy!

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Learning to dance

I came across this little story in a book byMax Lucado.  I thought it was quite applicable to the way many people approach business ... Let's imagine that you want to learn to dance. Being the rational, cerebral person you are, you go to a bookstore and buy a book on dancing. You take the book home and get to work. Finally, you think you’ve got it, and you invite your wife to come in and watch. You hold the [...]

Safety is now an industry, is now a religion

This post is an extension of the thinking in yesterday's post on theevangelism of mine safety (read it here). It strikes me that, in South Africa especially, we have managed toexternalise the role of safety. If we had to deconstruct whatquality work, or mining, is we would find that operating safely is a core component of that work. In recognizing this, and the critical nature of safety, we have successfully extracted safety from quality work, and put it on a pedestal [...]