First newsletter of 2010

We've just released the first 2010 edition of our newsletter, Dialogue. It has some very important thoughts on the role of conversation in business and how leaders can create a conversation culture through the use of Conversation Agents. Read it here.

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Xerox: stories important in change

The turnaround of Xerox is an important case study in today's global economic situation. Here's a Fast Company article that outlines how important stories are in this context. The article also shows how litte "s" stories becomes Big "S" stories: Storytelling is hugely important. At our town meetings, the most frequently asked question wasn't whether we'd survive, but what we would look like when we did. I got great advice: Write a story. We wrote a Wall Street Journal article, because they [...]

Digital workplace readiness survey

We're involved in the planning phases of a project looking at redefining ICT education in South Africa in order to increase the "digital workplace readiness" of people entering the job market. We'd like to get an initial idea of what the real issues are, and also what the perceptions are in various industries regarding what "digital workplace readiness" really is. We've created a short survey to gather stories about your experiences around this topic, and we'd really appreciate it if  you could [...]

News: Next accreditation course announced

We do this on an annual basis ... bring a Cognitive Edge heavy weight over from the shores yonder to train up local folk in the essential techniques of gathering narratives and using them to make sense of complexity. Usually, we bring our one Prof Dave Snowden. This year however we're bring out Mr Steve Bealing, none other than the CEO of Cognitive Edge to facilitate the training. Once trained, you'll be a part of the global network of Cognitive Edge Practitioners [...]

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After way too long, we are now finally launching a newsletter this month. At this stage it will be a quarterly edition that advertisesprojects and events, promotes new product lines and points torecent blog posts you should read. You can start subscribing by giving us your email address in the Newsletter block on the right menu bar, but we'd also like your suggestions on what to call the newsletter. At this stage we're looking at calling it "Dialogue". What say you?

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