Navigating Stuckness – A manifest by Jonathan Harris

I've respected Jonathan Harris' work ever since he blew my mind with the web-art application We Feel Fine that trawls the internet for human emotion and visualises those emotions in amazing ways. He is a prolific artist and storyteller, of sorts. Unbeknownst to me, he has recently fallen off the radar somewhat and has just published a manifesto on stuckness, chronicling his life story and experience of engaging with creativity and a search for purpose. It is a great read (click here). What fascinates [...]

Musical imagery

Have you noticed how songs play out in your head? Do you pay attention to these tunes? What song, for example, plays in your head as you walk through the reception hall of your office block as you arrive at work? What tune rings out in your mind as you are walking in to a meeting that you know will be a tough one? What music fills your subconscious when you're asked to describe the culture at your company? These [...]

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Wherefore art we?

It is a good question, and it comes with an assumption: that people actually read this blog, and might miss our once semi-regular writing. Anyway, we've been hit by the busy-bug and sadly, regular writing on current affairs applications of narrative and complexity has taken the back seat. Certainly, the intent is there to pick up the writing again ...

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