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Art from mass collaboration

I found out about artist Aaron Koblin’s use of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to use mass consultation to create collaborative art in a blog entry by John Winsor. It’s quite a shift in paradigm to what we normally see as the artistic creation process.

Winsor comments that “Art always seems to lead the way in paradigm shifts. What’s next in this evolving landscape.”

James Surowiecki’s book, “The Wisdom of Crowds”; related some interesting stories about leveraging the wisdom that exists in large numbers of independent people….  It can easliy swing the other way though, as group-think and other phenomena can easily make crowds stupid in stead of wise.  A key part of this process is to ensure that the individuals who make up the “crowd” truly are independent of each other (i.e. they don’t influence each others answers) and that you limit the questions to simple yes/no type answers.

I find the application of these ideas to strategy very intriguing, what if we could involve all the employees in the firm in the development of our next strategy?  Instead of relying on the current top-heavy strategic planning processes, what if we could leverage the wisdom that is present in the staff by mass consultation prior to the planning workshop?  In essense, co-creating a strategy the way Aaron Koblin creates art.

Sensemaker, software developed by Cognitive Edge as an essential element of the Singapore government’s horizon scanning system RAHS, offers the capability to do just that.  In addition to being able to consult large numbers of people when their input is required, Sensemaker also offers attitudinal auditing as well as powerful narrative patterning abilities.  If you’d like to find out more about Sensemaker contact us for a free demonstration.

We are also offering training in Sensemaker and the Cognitive Edge methodology in June, find more information here.

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