1588058553_8f069ddc61Dave is having some trouble with editors of the HBR who want him to “dumb” down the content of his next article for their more“astute” business readers. This is how he likens the process:

“In both cases it’s rather like a conclave of dinosaurs sitting down in the wreckage of their world post impact, demanding more simple articles on dental hygiene to cope with the fur of these strange new things, the early mammals. Or if you want another illustration, playing that old familiar fiddle while the world burns down around you.

I hope Dave’s knows the gravitas of what he’s just written: are you playing that old familiar fiddle (your trusty old management framework/model) while the world burns down around you (amidst the global economic meltdown).

We are convinced that neither just “simplifying” things, nor relying on our traditional models and frameworks will save us from the deepening gloom of the current crisis. In fact, doing so will just deepen the uncertainty and increase the chaos.

Something else is needed …