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Developing a strategy for the aging workforce

The issue of the aging workforce is common in organisations, particularly in large, established corporations. In most instances, a significant portion of the senior management team comprises a fair amount of employees who are about to retire. This issue has become prominent in this era of business. It has also called for the attention of leaders within various organisations, with most of them trying to devise strategies attempting to cater for the exiting employees who have reached their retirement age. [...]

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The Facilitation Of Knowledge Transfer In Organisations

Knowledge transfer within organisations has always been a prominent topic in our current knowledge economy. Many leaders, practitioners and employees in different industries seem to have their own angle of understanding and interpretation on this particular issue. But I can say with no doubt that most organisations have centered their Knowledge Management practices only on technology and they are relying on tools such as portals and other automated systems as the core of their Knowledge Management processes and solutions. There’s [...]

How to create a movement

There are sooooo many theories out there on leadership. And there are soooooo many recipe's of how to shift a culture, or move a group of people in a certain direction. But there is one quintessential component to creating a movement: the first follower. This short TEDvideo by Derek Sivers captures this with a real-life example:

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New seasons and adventures

Almost 7 years ago, Aiden Choles, Raymond Salzwedel and I decided to embark on a journey together that became The Narrative Lab.  Raymond has since moved on to a successful consulting career in EOH, and now the time has come for me to venture out on my own as well. I am very proud of what we've built in TNL.  In many ways, we have been pioneers.  When we started our business with an offering based mostly on Complexity thinking [...]

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