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Come and join us (for free!) at the Innovation Summit

      We will be running a workshop on "Conversation as a strategic enabler of Innovation and Collaboration" at the 5th Annual SA Innovation Summit on Thursday the 30th of August at 14:00.  We will focus on creating an experience for the participants, as opposed to simply presenting information, so we're hoping for a fun and engaging session. The organisers have kindly offered us the opportunity to issue an invitation to our network to come and visit the Innovation Lab [...]

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Shakespeare: A master of metaphor

We do a lot of work in the area of metaphor in organisations nowadays, and I'm continually amazed by how they pervade our everyday language.  Seems we have Shakespeare to thank for many of the terms we use. (this was created by a 20 year old literary student from London.  I can't vouch for it's accuracy)

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