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Complex projects

I am not a good project manager.  There, I said it!  Even 5 years in IBM could not drill the organised thought processes required to manage a big project into me.  I'm just not wired for that.  That being said however, I don't believe that all projects (I won't go so far to say no projects) lend themselves to being managed with structured, deterministic so-called "Waterfall" methodologies that are so popular in most IT companies.  Agile methodologies like SCRUM are [...]

KM defined

KM (or Knowledge Management) is quite a hot topic nowadays.  There seem to be two factions, 1 believes that KM in it's existing form is a dying discipine, the other refuses to believe that.  These discussions get quite emotional, which I guess is a good thing as it shows the passion for the subject on both sides of the spectrum. Personally I believe that most decision makers have developed a level of cynicism toward traditional KM, mostly I believe because [...]

Change blindness

This is fascinating!  One of the first things I remember hearing Dave Snowden speak about is how people make decisions.  According to cognitive science we only have a very small percentage of what's in our visual range in sharp focus at any given time.  We see through a series of spot observations and fill in the rest based on past experience.  This often leads us to physically not see things that don't fit our expectations or patterns.  I remember when [...]

Ethics Conference

Sonja and I are in Cape Town tomorrow for the Unashamedly Ethical conference on Friday and Saturday. Since the release of the King 3 report on corporate governance earlier this month, there is increased pressure for Board's and Directors to report on and manage the ethical performace of their companies. Managing ethics? The reality is that the realm of ethics is a profoundly complex problem, a problem that escapes direct management ... added to this complexity is the problem of human nature [...]

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