Monthly Archives: May 2009

Unintended consequences

An article in the news today reported concern among AIDS organisations and Doctors without Borders about a worrying new trend where people are neglecting to take life-saving medication in order to qualify for government subsidies.  In South Africa, the government pays a special disability grant to people living with HIV.  The problem seems to be that there is no standard set of guidelines as to determining who qualifies for the subsidy and who doesn't.  Some doctors are basing their recommendations [...]

Take part in Story Week

Shaun at Anecdote has launched a mini-experiment in the form ofStory Week. Each day, starting today, he'll be publishing a story and asking us to gauge the impact the story has on us. He's hoping the results will tell us something of what makes a story so powerful, and what stories move us. Mosey on over to the first installment here ... a story by the US Storyteller in Chief, Barack Obama.

Our mission: water and safety

Most traditional companies are quite intentional about choosing their mission, often settling on a well-crafted statement that sets market domination and excellence as their target. Sonja and I have been less intentional, and have rather let our mission emerge over the last 12 months - emergence is a key factor in managing complexity after all :) What is our mission then? It's not market domination, nor is it service excellence ... while those are important factors of our business. Rather, [...]