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Definitions to challenge the business science monster

Shawn, at Anecdote, recently wrote about the definition of a story, which he took from Annette Simmons latest book, Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins: "Story is a reimagined experience narrated with enough detail and feeling to cause your listeners' imaginations to experience it as real." Christopher Booker, in his seminal book on why we tell stories, wrote of stories as "structured sequences of imagery". These are some helpful definitions to use in business space when confronting the lethargic effects of the business science [...]

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Our logo and design elements

In a recent blog entry, Dave Snowden commented positively about the design elements that make up our corporate identity. Coming from him this is a great complement, as the interpretation of abstract ideas such as "probe, sense, respond" into visually compelling graphic elements was a challenge! I'd like to express appreciation to our designer, Angela Lang for a job well done! Maybe I should elaborate a bit on why we selected probe: sense: respond as a tagline. We see our core focus area as [...]

We’re a finalist …

... in the SA Blog Awards 2008 for the Best Business Blog andBest Group Blog categories. We're quite honoured to be up against the likes of Mike, Matthew Buckland, Eric Edelstein, theBizcommunity blog, M&G's ThoughtLeader, SARocks and East Coast Radio's Breakfast blog. (Whoa ... there's some serious David and Goliath stuff happening here!) You can vote for us by clicking on the Blog Awards widget on the right hand side of this page.

Dark matter in Organisations

A little gem from Dave on Day 1 of the Cognitive Edge Accreditation course we're hosting in Pretoria: The Dark Matter Theory asserts that there is much matter in space that we cannot see, but we know it exists because it exerts gravitational effects on visible matter. When it comes to organisations, and the complex way in which they operate, the dark matter theory can be applied i.e. there are things/forces that happen in organisations that we cannot see, but we know they occur because they [...]